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There is excellent hiking on site and nearby. Of course, there is the beach right here and three miles of bluff just west of the ranch. Explore the on site mountains or just walk around the 60 acre farm.

We have added a new hiking trail with accompanying map. The trail goes up the hill and through the redwoods in a loop with stunning mountain and ocean views. Walk in complete privacy.

Among the animals seen on the property have been bobcat, deer, fox, elk, mountain lion, whales, seals, sea lions, elephant seals, numerous birds, otter, coyote, porcupine, weasel and bear.

There is a 60 mile long wilderness that begins a couple of miles north of us. Access to the Sinkyone Wilderness (The Lost Coast) is north 10.39 miles, left at MILE POST 90.88 onto a 6 mile dirt road to Usal Beach, where there are trail heads. The journey is nothing short of spectacular.

Only a few miles north of us is the beautiful Redwood Forest, stroll through old growth redwoods by a steam.

East of the ranch is 7,500 acres of Nature Conservancy. The combination of trees, the Eel River and complete privacy is very sweet. Go south one mile to Branscomb Road, east 9.7'ish miles to Wilderness Road, turn left, go four more miles and the road ends in the Conservancy. Hike through the Redwoods or swim in the Eel River. Dogs aren't allowed.

Take water and food to all places. We have hiking books at the ranch. There are also many other excellent hiking spots on the Mendocino Coast and we will be happy to help you find your personal preference.


While Hiking in the winter time, be sure to look for the incredible profusion of mushrooms that grow in many places along our trails, especially under the shady trees. You will see colours ranging from white to orange, and many sizes from small to dinner-plate sized!

Ghost Pipe Mushroom Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom
Mushroom Mushroom Mushroom


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