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Breakfast at Howard Creek

Breakfast at Howard Creek

Menu Changes Daily
(Cooked on the original wood stoves)

Baked apples with granola and French whipped cream or raisins with yogurt.

Omelet with tomatoes, green onion, cheeses, sour cream, and avocado plus delicate spices.

Strawberry banana hotcakes topped with real maple syrup.

Fresh orange-juice, early strong coffee, black or herbal teas, hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Sliced fruit of the season, plus edible flowers.

Local pears poached in apple cider.

Our special Howard Creek French Toast.

Fried potatoes in the old fashioned way.

Baked grapefruit with cherry brandy.

Biscuits fresh from the oven.

Fruit salad with candied blackberries and violas.

Mendocino Coast thick bacon.

Pacifica frittata with a variety of veg. and cheeses.

Ammaretto french toast.

Apple and pear tosa w/cream sauce and almonds.

Homemade pear bread and cranberry/orange muffins.

Vegetable quiche topped w/ fresh grated romano, basil and sliced tomato.

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